Matthew 26:30-75 – Jesus Conquers the Flesh

Jesus and His disciples end their final Passover meal with singing. This was common practice in Judaism during the first century. The Jewish hymnbook was the Psalms. Psalms 113-118 were known as the “Hallel” or “praise psalms” and traditionally sung at Passover. If Jesus followed the custom, Psalm 118 would be the hymn that was sung in this text. Jesus then took His disciples to the Mount of Olives. Once there He laid another bitter truth on the disciples. He told them, “they would all fall away this very night” (vs. 31). Peter becomes the focus of their prophesied failure, but “all” the disciples claim their loyalty, and they “all” fail their Lord (vs. 56). Jesus took His inner circle, Peter, James, and John, into a garden to pray.