The Gospel of Matthew

Matthew 4:12-25 Fishers of Men

Matthew | Matthew 4:12-25
The problem is this is not what God wanted. God’s plan for blessing Israel was not for their own glory, but to display His glory in using His chosen people to bless all the nations (Genesis 12:2-3).

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Matthew 4:1-11 It Is Written

Matthew | Matthew 4:1-11
If you have ever doubted the power of God’s revealed Word then please look carefully at how Jesus overcomes temptation.

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Matthew 3:13-17 Baptism of Jesus

Matthew | Matthew 3:13-17
John knows that he is the one who should be baptized by Jesus!... Why then was Jesus Baptized? The righteousness of God had to be fulfilled.

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Matthew 3:1-12 Preparing the Way

Matthew | Matthew 3:1-12
John has been preaching about the coming of the Messiah. He says the one coming after him is greater than he is. You can imagine the surprise of John when Jesus shows up and asks to be baptized. John knows that he is the one who should be baptized by Jesus!

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Matthew 2:1-23 We Three Kings

Matthew | Matthew 2:1-23

No man can thwart the purposes of God. Herod tried to destroy Jesus. Now through Jesus, ultimate restoration would occur and tears wiped from every eye (Jeremiah 31:16-17, 31-34).

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Matthew 1:18-25 Betrothed

Matthew | Matthew 1:18-25

Throughout scripture, the Holy Spirit brings forth the will of God in tangible and material forms. In Genesis 1, we see God the Father speaking forth His Word, and the Holy Spirit bringing about physical creation at His commands. God has willed His Son to save His people from their sin.

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Matthew 1:1-17 A Legal Introduction

Matthew | Matthew 1:1-17
As you ponder God’s work in bringing Jesus to earth through a sinful line of people you should be encouraged. Understand that you are not where you come from!

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Introduction to Matthew

Matthew | Intro to Matthew
Tradition holds that after Jesus returned to the Father, Matthew wrote this gospel and ministered in Palestine. He also made many missionary journeys to teach dispersed Jews living in Gentile areas. We have records of journeys being made to Persia, Ethiopia, Syria, and Greece.

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