Song of Solomon 1:8-2:7 – Intimacy and Grace

The scene begins with a response from Solomon to his future bride, who is seeking out the one she loves in the heat of the day. Penned in this passage of Scripture are the words of these two future lovers to each other that paint a beautiful picture of intimacy within marriage. As this passage reveals, intimacy is far more than sexual desires or strong emotions. It is a deep longing for another individual that is rooted in a selfless desire to serve and to sacrifice for the good of another. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that has devalued and degraded marriage and emphasized personal gain and contentment at all cost. Self is often at the center of our decisions, emotions, and actions. Combine this with the stain of sin that still dwells in us, and we are forced to admit that we tend to seek for intimacy outside of the means that God has graciously provided. God has uniquely designed marriage between a husband and a wife as an avenue for gracious intimacy that our souls desperately need.