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Mixtape:Selections in the Psalms

Mixtape: Selections in the Psalms

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3 Johns: I, II, & III John

The message of John's three epistles are as timely for us today as they were for the churches he sent them to.

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The God Who Saves: The Book of Jonah

All throughout this small book, we are pointed toward a big God who is in the business of saving.

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Finance Report 2017

Take a few moments to catch up on where we are financially as a church.

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Hebrews: Jesus Is Better!

More than a dozen times throughout the book of Hebrews the author specifically uses the word "better" to describe the work of Christ. Follow us on our journey as we turn our attention to all Christ has done on our behalf.

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Easter Sunday: Can you answer the question, "what is the Gospel?" If you have trouble then this message is for you. We look at the earliest oral creed in Christianity that makes the Gospel crystal clear.

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