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Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Bethlehem was an insignificant city.  We remember her name only because of a child born in one of her barns alongside the animals.

The child’s mother was a scared teenage girl who others had written off as a “loose” woman.  It was in these humble conditions that Scripture teaches “God became flesh.”  They called Him Jesus, which means “God is salvation.”

Jesus grew up in Galilee.  People in the city often joked, “can anything good come from Galilee?”  It was a blue-collar town on the wrong side of the tracks.  Jesus spent His life in Galilee swinging a hammer as a carpenter.  He never held a political office or wrote a book.  He never married or attended college.

At age 30 everything changed.  Jesus began to travel and minister to people.  Great crowds began following Him.  He spoke to them like no one had before.  He would preach and teach and perform miracles.

Religious people hated Him because He set people free from the religious banter and rituals of the day.  They killed Jesus at the age of 33.  He died homeless and poor.

Three years of public life is all Jesus has on His resume.  Yet, no human has ever accomplished so much in that short of a time.  The influence of Jesus has changed our world.  We even divide history by His life.  More songs have been written about Him, art commissioned of Him, books written about Him, and buildings built in honor of Him than any other person who has ever lived.

So… Who was Jesus really?