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Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Many people have many different things to say about Jesus.  Some believe He was a good and moral teacher.  Others believe He was a prophet.  Still, others believe He was a street-magician of some sort, a great deceiver.  Madonna and Ashton Kutcher believe that “Jesus is their homeboy.”

In all the chatter about Jesus, it can be confusing to try and figure out who He was.  If we want real answers, we need to look no further than the horse’s mouth… who did Jesus say He was.

Jesus said He came down from Heaven

(John 6:38).  This is a unique claim.  No one has ever said this before in history.  Many have claimed they have been taken up to heaven and returned.  Many have claimed they have seen heaven via a “near death experience.”  No one has ever claimed to have come down from heaven.  The religious people were furious because Jesus’ claim meant that He existed before He was born.  His claim meant He was God who had come down from heaven to visit mankind as one of them.

Jesus said He was God

(Mark 14:61-64; John 8:58-59).  Throughout the history of the world, there have been many who have claimed to speak in the name of God. In fact, leaders like Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and Gandhi assured their followers that they were not God.  Jesus, repeatedly and clearly, claimed to be God.  It’s why they killed Him.

Jesus claimed that He was sinless

(John 8:46).  Again, this is a unique claim never made by anyone else.  All humans sin… it’s why we say things like, “nobody’s perfect.”  Yet, Jesus was perfect.  He never did anything wrong, and He never failed to do what was right.  There are many who testify to the sinlessness of Jesus in the Bible, including His friends (1 Peter 2:22), His own brother (James 5:6), His one-time enemy Paul (2 Corinthians 5:21), His betrayer (Matthew 27:3-4), and His murderer (Luke 23:14).   Also, Jesus forgave sin.  Since sin is ultimately committed against God, to forgive sin was another way that Jesus pronounced His deity (Luke 5:20-21).

Jesus said He is the only way to Heaven

(John 14:6).  Not only did Jesus claim that He came down from heaven, but He also taught that He is the only way for anyone else to enter heaven.  Many claim to know a path to heaven, but Jesus claims to be the path.  Jesus’ words further testify that He was God, because heaven belongs to God, and it is God who determines who is granted access.

These are only a few examples, and already it is safe to say that no one has ever claimed the things that Jesus claimed and had any impact on the whole of society.  This truly makes Jesus the most unique influencer in history.