Grieving With Hope

What is Grieving with Hope?
Grieving with Hope is a ministry that helps individuals that are grieving the death of a loved one (other traumatic events such as divorce are not a part of the scope here). We are currently using a program called GriefShare. It is video-based curriculum with workbooks for participants. The main set of group meetings last for 13 weeks, and there is another class that takes place around the holidays. We have a trained and experienced leader, Veronica Beier, who has taken many people through the program in other churches she has been a part of.

What is the curriculum like?
The participant workbook offers opportunities for journaling and reflection, as well as study in Scripture. We believe that the time spent in Scripture will be most helpful, as Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16-17) and uniquely able to speak to our hearts as we grieve and heal. Several respected biblical counselors, such as Elyse Fitzpatrick, Ed Welch, and Paul Tripp appear in the video sessions.

Is this a Four Points Devotion Group?
Grieving with Hope is not meant to replace your participation in a Small Group or Dwell group. Our expectation is that you may be a part of the recovery group until the program is complete, and then join (or rejoin) a Small Group or Dwell Group. It is important that you are a part of regular Christian community where you study together and care for one another. Your identity is not found in your grief, but in Jesus, who comforts the downcast (Psalm 34:18-19; 2 Cor 7:6).

Who may participate?
This recovery group is open first to our members, then regular attenders and visitors if there is available space. This group is presently exclusively for women.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested, you may sign up using the form below. Our leader will contact you and invite you to the next available meeting. Materials will be provided for you.
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