Four Points Family,

I hope that this email finds you well. It is our prayer that in all we do we honor our neighbors, and we seek to glorify Jesus. We do not want to be a hindrance to our community, but rather an instrument used to display the beauty and goodness of our Savior. In light of this desire, the elders of Four Points Church have prayerfully mapped out a plan to Re-gather in a way that considers our community and honors our Lord (note: I’m not calling it a Re-open, because we never closed! In fact the church doesn’t ever close…The church is a people to see and not a place go!)

Over the next few Sundays, we will be transitioning to a true “livestream”, in which every aspect of our Sunday gathering will be filmed live. We are doing this to prepare us for the future implications of COVID19, as we seek to serve the vulnerable and at-risk who may not be ready to re-gather when we do meet again. This means, that our livestream services will be live on our YouTube Channel, Four Points Cartersville, each Sunday from this point forward. If for some reason you cannot find our services on YouTube, please visit for a link.

On Sunday, May 24th we will begin a phased re-gathering of our Sunday services. However, only the Acworth Campus will be opened for gatherings on that day. Cartersville Campus services will be streamed live at 11AM from Acworth that Sunday, May 24th. We will have limited tickets available for those who want to attend the 11AM service, and you are welcome to drive to Acworth to attend that day. Information on how to obtain a ticket for the 11AM Service on the 24th will be sent out this Sunday.

The following Sunday, May 31st, we will have our Cartersville Campus Re-gathering at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville at 11AM. We will send out a link for ticketing to ensure that we have adequate attendance as to ensure social distancing and the safety of our congregation. Be on the lookout for an email the Sunday before regarding how to secure a ticket. If you are hesitant, sick, or at-risk, we graciously ask that you continue watching our services online each Sunday at 11AM.

Please note that our gatherings will look somewhat different than they did prior to COVID-19. We will follow the recommendations that have been given from our government officials. Thus, social distancing will be in place on Sundays for the time being. We are working diligently with the hotel staff to ensure that our space is sanitized and safe. We will eliminate Ushers, Greeters, and physical bulletins. In addition, we ask that you try to refrain from handshakes and hugs. Also, for the near future we will not have children’s ministry on Sunday mornings. This means that children will attend the gathering with their parents. If you are hesitant to bring your child into service, no worries…continue to stream our services online until you feel comfortable to attend.  Again, this won’t last forever…hopefully only a few weeks after we re-gather! It is our hope that we will have a running Sunday children’s ministry in the early summer as we continue to phase into our gatherings. We will have a cry/nursing room available for moms who need such.

I know many of you are ready to gather in person on Sundays as the church to worship King Jesus. That’s a good thing. However, if you are hesitant, sick, at-risk,  have been exposed to COVID19, or are elderly we would graciously ask that you stay home on Sundays and watch online until you are safe to return. Allow God to guide your conscience on the best time for you and your family to re-gather with us. Keep in mind that this is a fluid situation and our plans could change or need to be tweaked. Therefore, we are moving forward with much caution and grace dependent upon the Holy Spirit….So, please pray:

For the elders of FPC as we move forward
For our city and those impacted by COVID19
For our governing officials as they seek to keep our population safe, yet attempt to restructure lives to somewhat of a state of normalcy

Continue to stay connected with us to receive updates and additional information. We hope to see most of you in-person on May 31st!

Grace and Peace,

Joe Burrows, Campus Pastor

Four Points Cartersville