Whatever: To Live With Passion

This past week we looked at Philippians 2 as our central text.  The big idea we pulled out can be summed up by a prayer a member of our community recently prayed…

“Father, tighten our unity…and open our arms.”

You hear hints of Jesus’ high priestly prayer of John 17 as you read the Paul’s words.  It’s not surprising that Matt Chandler had this to say about the Philippians 2.

“The Idea present in chapter 2 is so ever-present in the scriptures, that I would say that if you try and wring the scriptures out, it’s what would come out.”

Discussion Questions

Passion is the outpouring of an inward devotion to Jesus. At Four Points we define it as our love for others.  Take a moment to read Chapter 2:1-18 again as a small group and pick a few questions below for discussion or create your own questions.

  1. What is the effects on a community of believers when Philippians 2:2 is followed or ignored?
  2. Philippians 2:3 says to do nothing out of rivalry or conceit. Is that realistic?
  3. What does it look like to “look not only to your own interests but also the interest of others on a day to day basis?”
  4. How can “looking to the interests of others” point people to Jesus?
  5. Anytime we see the word “therefore” in scripture, it’s always a good question to ask, “What’s it therefore.”  Why does Paul say “therefore” in verse 12 and what is he connecting it to?
  6. How does “do everything without grumbling or questioning” relate to the way Paul describes “the mind of Christ?”
  7. What are the major causes of our grumbling and questioning?
  8. Why do you think Paul connects us shining like lights (stars, luminaries) in the world (universe, cosmos) to living without grumbling or questioning?  It’s an interesting way to let our light shine.  When you connect it back to his call to unity and putting others first you see the greater vision.  Take a minute and look at the greater context.  What all does Paul call us to in this passage when you include what we have in Christ (verses 1-2), his call to humility (verses 3-4), and his challenge (verse 14 and 16).  Does this kind of living point people to Jesus?
  9. Discuss verses 12-13.  Is there a good kind of fear? What’s the key to being able to live a life that radiates the love of Christ?
  10. When in your life have you been most like Paul calls us to be in Philippians 2?  How did you treat people, serve, give at that time?  Is that time now?  If not, what are you waiting for?
  11. Take a few minutes to share how the various volunteer positions at Four Points (even the small things) help to share the light of Christ with those who walk through our doors.  If there is someone in your group who is looking to plug into ministry, hearing others stories may help them get a better idea of how they can serve.