Week 49|Matthew 20:20-34

As you start your study this week, open asking God to give you purity of mind. Ask Him to reveal to you if you have a high view of self. Pride leads to indignation and to sin. Surrender any prideful, indignant thoughts and feelings you may have. Think on the life and example of Christ and ask Him to help you be more like Him.

Then read Matthew 20:1-19.

Comprehension (What does it say?)

1.What made Jesus ask “What do you want?” to James and John’s mother?

2. Why would the other 10 disciples be “indignant” to James and John?

3. How do pagan and gentile rulers rule? What does Jesus say their view of greatness is?

4. What quality is considered to be great in the Kingdom of God (v.26-28)?

5. How do the 2 blind men address Jesus?

Interpretation (What does it mean?)

1. Why would Salome (James and John’s mother) ask this request? What is the extent of her relationship to Christ? (Matthew 27:56, Mark 15:40, John 19:25)?

2. When Jesus asks, “Are you able to drink the cup I am to drink,” what is Christ referring to and why does he go on to say that they will indeed drink it?

3. How does Jesus respond to the indignant disciples and what application does He give them based on His very own life?

4. What was Jesus’ response to the 2 blind men and why did He heal them?

Application (How should it change me?)

1. Where does true greatness come from and what does it look like? Is greatness something we should ever desire?

2. What are your goals in life? Have you ever been selfish in your motives/goals for yourself or family members? What should the uppermost goal be in our life? What request should we be making to Jesus?

3. In your faith, are there areas where you operate out of spiritual blindness? What can you learn from the 2 men in this week’s passage that were physically blind?

Jesus’ greatness was encompassed by serving and suffering. Jesus died to bear God’s wrath that we deserve, upon Himself. As Christians, we should serve one another because we have experienced the selfless love and forgiveness of Christ, who reconciles us to God. We should not serve out of desire to earn prestige or favor.

For Further Study

Mark 10:46-52, Acts 7:55-56, Romans 8:34, Ephesians 1:20, Colossians 3:1-3

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