Week 47|Matthew 19:13-30

Open in prayer and ask God to guide your heart and open your eyes to see the text clearly. Ask for wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to lead you into a place of humility and submission to His word.

Then read Matthew 19:13-30.

Comprehension (What does it say?)

1. Who did the disciples rebuke in verse 13? Read verses 13-15. Why do you think the disciples rebuked these people?

2. Read verse 17 again. How many people does Jesus say are good? Who is Jesus talking about?

3. Who does Jesus say will have a difficult time getting into the kingdom of Heaven? What example does Jesus use to explain the difficulty?

4. How does one inherit eternal life according to Jesus? Read verses 21 and 29.

Interpretation (What does it mean?)

1. Why did Jesus say that children belong to the Kingdom of Heaven?

2. We see that Jesus tells the rich young ruler that he must follow the commandments to enter the kingdom of Heaven. This sounds like a works based gospel. But what does Jesus truly mean? Read James chapter 2.

3. Why does Jesus think that it will be hard for rich people to enter the kingdom of heaven? Think of about how much a rich man will lean on God. Does he/she see their need for God?

4. What does Jesus mean the last shall be first and the first shall be last? Look at verses 27-29 for context.

Application (How should it change me?)

1. We see the importance of children and what they mean to Jesus in verses 13-15. How are you serving and pointing kids to Jesus? (This applies to people who do not have kids of their own as well.)

2. We see that Jesus’ example of the rich is true, for the young ruler was sad to let go of in order to follow Jesus. Whether it is material, a person, a job, is there anything keeping you from following Jesus and giving your all for Him?

3. Jesus says “the last shall be first and the first shall be last”. We must strive to keep Jesus first. What are you doing to constantly battle pride? What are you doing to humble yourself and decrease while Christ increases in your life?

As you finish reading the passage, pray again that God will help you disciple all kinds of people that He has called you to fellowship with. Pray also that He will help you let go of the things that need to be let go and that pride may not come into your life.

For Further Study:

James 2, Matthew 18:1-5, 1st Timothy 6:3-10

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