Week 41|Matthew 17:1-13

Begin your group with prayer. Ask the Lord to bless your time together digging through His word. Ask from the Words of the Lord to stimulate the mind, and penetrate to the heart. 

Then read Matthew 17:1-13.

Comprehension (What does it say?)

1. Who did Jesus take with him up a high mountain?

2. Who appeared with Jesus?

3. What did the voice from Heaven say?

4. What did the disciples do after they heard the voice from heaven speak?

5. When did Jesus tell the disciples to tell what took place on the mountain?

Interpretation (What does it mean?)

1. On the Mountain, Jesus was “transfigured before them.” What does it mean that He was transfigured?

2. In the transfiguration, Jesus is revealing Himself to be God. Given that Paul in Philippians 2:6-7 says that Jesus did not see equality with God a thing to be grasped but emptied himself, How is this not a contradiction?

3. Why do you think Peter wanted to make three tents? One for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.

4. Why would Jesus tell the disciples not to tell anyone what took place until after the Son of Man is raised from the dead?

5. In this passage we see clearly two persons of the trinity (Jesus, and the Father speaking from heaven.) In your group discuss the concept of the trinity. How can there be three persons yet only one God? (cf. Genesis 2:24, Deuteronomy 6:4. The Hebrew word “ehad” meaning one).

Application (How should it change me?)

1. Why is it important for us to know that Jesus is God?

2. Moses represents the law and Elijah represents the prophets. How do they point to Christ? And how does it change how we see the law and prophets?

3. God the Father speaks saying, “this is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.” This revelation from God demands a response by those who hear it. What should our response be to Christ when He has revealed Himself to us?

4. Knowing that Christ is God and that He paid our price on the cross should drive us into a deeper worship of Him. What keeps us from giving Him the worship that He deserves?

5. Jesus commanded His disciples not to tell anyone what they saw until the Son of Man was raised from the dead. Today, post-resurrection, what keeps us from telling others about Christ?

Pray for a deeper worship and submission to Christ as Lord. The Law and the Prophets all pointed to Christ who is the fulfillment of all that was written.

For Further Study:

Exodus 40:34-38, Isaiah 4:2-6, Mark 9:2-13
2 Corinthians 3

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