Week 40|Matthew 16:13-28

The passage you are about to read shows much of increasing Christ and decreasing yourself,
Pray that God may show you how to decrease so that Christ may increase. Pray that God will reveal to you who He is through His word.

Read Matthew 16:13-28

Comprehension (What does it say?)

1. In verses 13 through 16, who do the people say that Jesus is? Who does Peter say that Jesus is? What is the difference?

2. In the first passage we see Jesus give Peter a round of applause for his statement, but what does he call Peter in the next passage?

3. Jesus came to earth for a reason. What did Jesus tell the disciples in verse 21 that relates to Jesus’ mission?

4. What did Jesus call Peter in verse 23? What is His reasoning for calling him that?

5. What does Jesus say that people will have to do if they want to follow him in verse 24?

Interpretation (What does it mean?)

1. What do you infer from the statement that “Peter has the keys to the kingdom of heaven”? How does one believe in Jesus if they have never heard of Jesus? (Read Romans 10:14-16)

2. Think about what the word “hinder” means, and what Peter just said about Jesus being killed and raised on the third day. How is Peter being a hindrance to Jesus?

3. What does it mean that one must lose their own life to save it? Or that one must lose their life so they can find it? Think about what Jesus defines as life in John 14:6. Think about how John the Baptist talked about how he must decrease so that Christ may increase.

Application (How should it change me?)

1. We see what others said and what Peter said about who Jesus is. Who is Jesus to you in your life? Does it fit with what the Bible says about Jesus?

2. We see that Peter was focusing not on the things of God, but of man. Do you focus on God, His word, and His will? Or do you focus more on what man thinks, and about
yourself more? Give practical application on how you can focus more on the Lord and His Word, versus the world.

3. Jesus says that if one is to follow him they must deny themselves. How often do you put God before yourself? What have you given up to follow Christ?

4. Jesus says that whoever must save their life must lose it, and whoever loses their life will find it. What worldly benefits are hindering you from following Christ? What does it look like to “lose your life” to follow Christ?

Pray and thank God that He sent his Son to be your life. Thank Him that you have heard and read the truth about Jesus. Pray that you may grow more in Jesus and that your life may be one that takes up your cross in following Jesus.

For Further Study:

Romans 10
John 6
Philippians 1

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