Week 35|Matthew 14:1-21

Before you begin this study, pray that the Lord would magnify Himself through the reading of His word. Ask Him to reveal where in your life these passages need to be applied.

Then read Matthew 14:1-21.

Comprehension (What does it say?)

1. Why did Herod believe John the Baptist had been raised from the dead?

2. Why was John the Baptist arrested and put to death?

3. Why were the disciples wanting to send the people away?

4. How many loaves and fish did the disciples have

5. How many (men) did Jesus feed?

Interpretation (What does it mean?)

1. What would lead Herod to believe that Jesus was John the Baptist resurrected?

2. What did Herod hope to accomplish by putting John the Baptist to death.

3. Christ withdrew to a desolate place by himself; why do you think He did this?

4. Why would Jesus have compassion on the crowd at a time he withdrew by Himself?

5. How do we see Christ’s sovereignty in this passage?

Application (How should it change me?)

1. If Christ’s forerunner was imprisoned and martyred, what could followers of Christ expect?

2. What keeps us from confronting sin in the world?

3. Why are you seeking Christ?

4. If Christ is sovereign over bread and fish, why do we question His sovereignty in our lives?

5. How can we move from being satisfied with bread to being satisfied in Christ?

As you close, pray for boldness in confronting sin. Also pray for a relying upon the sovereignty of God.

For Further Study:

Read Mark 6:14-44 ; Luke 9:7-17; John 6:1-15
Fill in the gaps using the other Gospel’s to gain a full picture of these passage.

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