Ruth 2 – Advent Week 2


God has favor on His people. Now this can seem very odd to some, for God is a holy God, meaning He is good, He is righteous. The very same people who God created have rejected Him and are now sinners, because from their hearts are nothing but wickedness, evil and darkness.

God and man dwelling together does not make sense for good and evil do not go together. People as sinners are basically foreigners to God, meaning people do not belong with God because their sin separates them from His holiness. People are sinful strangers and outsiders to a holy God.

In Chapter 2 of the book of Ruth, Ruth receives something she did not expect, nor deserved. In the beginning of the chapter, Ruth is a single woman at the time living with her widowed mother-in-law (Naomi), and needed to find a way to provide food for the household. She decides to go out to a field of a relative of Naomi’s deceased husband, so that she might be able to collect whatever leftover grain was available. Enter Boaz. Boaz sees Ruth and tells her to collect whatever she wants, that she will not be harmed by anyone, and that she is more than welcomed to drink and eat anything that they have. Ruth is surprised more than anyone, so much that she fell on her face questioning why she has found such favor in his eyes. She questions this because she was a Moabite living among Jews. She was an outsider among Boaz’s people. She was a foreigner. Boaz finds favor upon Ruth because of her life to God. She has given up her people, she has given up her identity, she has given up her land, she has given up her false gods, and has devoted her life to God and serving Naomi. As Boaz says “The God of Israel, whose wings you have come to take refuge!” Boaz has found favor on Ruth because she knows that God will save her, that He is the only thing worth serving, glorifying and worth living for!

God has favor upon His people, not because of what we as believers have done, but because of what His perfect son Jesus has done for us. We as sinners deserve death on a cross, if not worse. The penalty for sin is death, eternal death. Yet God out of His love for us, had Jesus pay the penalty of sin for us. Jesus by His blood frees us from the bondage of sin. So when God see us as believers He does not see us, He sees Jesus. Jesus brings us to have favor in the eyes of God, because Jesus died for us. His death brings us life.

Study Questions

  1. Do you ever feel as if you are a foreigner or an outsider to God? As Ruth does do you seek comfort from God?
  2. Do you continue to trust God and follow him when life is falling apart and you seem lost as Ruth does?
  3. Do you find favor upon others that may seem different than you? Do you treat others the way you would want to be treated?
  4. Husbands do you strive to provide kindness, love, and protection to your wives? Wives do you strive to find favor in your husband’s eyes through Godliness?