Mixtape: Selections in the Psalms – Psalm 34

Psalm 34

34:1 Of David, when he changed his behavior before Abimelech, so that he drove him out, and he went away. History ascribes Abimelech to be a title the King of the Philistines, much like we would consider Pharoah to be the King of the Egyptians. This Psalm is a Psalm of David that has given us biblical historical context. As we can read in I Sam 21:8-22:1.

David was warned by Jonathan to flee from Saul, so he escapes to Nob. Ahimelech the priest supplies him and the men who are with him. And David flees to Gath, the home of the king of the Philistines (Abimelech) and Goliath’s hometown. We pickup on David in a cave in Adullam after these events as he pens Psalm 34.

God rescued David and David wants you to look, to taste, to see, to enjoy, to fear, to know God for yourself. So we David offering an

*Attitude of Praise (v 1-7)

Praise in this case for Deliverance – At All Times (v1-3 )

David declares that he will bless the Lord at all times, As we read here in the psalms, it is apparent that he means in times of trouble as well.

How often is that our first response?    Why isn’t it our first response.

1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 ESV

Ephesians 5:18–20 ESV

Praise for Deliverance From His Fears (vv. 4-7)

David is celebrating how God delivered him from fear, shame, trouble.

David ascribes his escape as a work of deliverance by God. Others might claim that it was their ingenuity. But David has that Perspective of Praise for his deliverance for he knows it was of the Lord.

2 Kings 6:8-17

What fears are you carrying around?

Are you afraid for your job?    Afraid for your children?

Afraid for your Marriage?      Afraid for your retirement?

1Pe 5:6  Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, 7  casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.


*Attitude of Fearing the Lord ( v 8-14 )

As he worships God, David encourages others to put their trust in Him. David wants to teach us what it means to fear the Lord. He uses sensory language here, inviting others to “taste,” to experience God for themselves.

If you don’t know Jesus today, try reading a Gospel. Jesus came to show us who God is, and to show us the way to know Him, to have all of our offenses forgiven.

What Does it Mean to Fear the Lord? (vv. 9, 11-14)

It is not a dread that makes you want to stay on His good side.

Fearing the Lord means that you will allow your understanding of Him to direct your heart and your actions in His ways. It is no good to day we Fear God if we do not do what HE says.

We can go back and look at how David speaks of Him in this Psalm.

Verse 1-3 David is boasting in the Lord ( Attitude of Praise )

Verses 4-7 God is David’s deliverer ( Attitude of Deliverance )

Verse 8 God is good (Attitude of Experience and Acceptance )

Verses 9-10 God is a provider ( Attitude of Trust )

The fear of the Lord makes David want to honor God and bring Him glory

God is the hero of his story!

We see His holiness, His power, His wisdom and it causes us to worship Him with our lives

David turs hi focus to actions: ( Attitude of Obedience )

We often have a Perspective that Fears Lesser Things and not God?

Fearing the other things means that you will allow your understanding of them to direct your heart and your actions in the way of the flesh.

This could be:

Fear of disapproval (posting things on social media that people will like),

Fear of suffering (constantly insulating yourself from things that might cause you social   or physical discomfort)

Fear of isolation (willing to sacrifice anything in your life to keep others with you)

Fear of shame (willing to do anything in order to keep from discovering something about            you that might appear dishonorable or shameful)

Fear of a loss of control (willing to do whatever it takes to feel in control of your   circumstances)

It is your false understanding or belief about these things that causes you to make sacrifices of your time, efforts, money. Fearing these lesser things makes them our functional saviors, saving us from a “hell” we have created in our own minds and transporting us to our functional “heaven”. It prevents us from having faith in the Lord and moving forward in obedience.It is the devil’s desire to keep us pacified and fearful of lesser things

How much more are these needs met in Christ?

The Lord Will Be Our Protector and Deliverer (vv. 15, 17, 19-20)

Jesus promises to deliver us from our greatest enemies of sin and death. Jesus promises that if we seek His kingdom and His righteousness, all our needs will be met in Him. The Lord will meet the needs we have for the mission that He calls us to.

The Lord Will Be Near to Us (v. 18)

Romans 8:32— “He who did not spare his own son”

The Lord Will Redeem Us (v. 22)

“He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”

Colossians 1:13–14 ESV


Read John 19:31-36 for further Encouragement

The primary reason that Jesus’ unbroken bones are important is that it demonstrates that Jesus is our Passover lamb

However, the fact that it is quoted from the context of Ps 34 tells us something about God’s sovereignty, even in the midst of the suffering of Jesus. God demonstrates that He was supervising and ordaining each detail of the death of His Son. The Lord is sovereign, even in the midst of suffering!

Read 1 Peter 3:9-18 for further Encouragement

When we fear the Lord, it becomes a testimony to those who do not know Him

When we trust in who God says He is, it sets us free to serve Him without fear

When we leave our lesser fears behind, we can step out in faith with God on mission. Just as God delivered David from the Philistines, God will deliver us when we step out and boldly witness in His Name.

How does God become part of you? By Faith in Jesus Christ, the only one who can turn our hearts around and save us from our sins. Once you put your trust in him, you can then have the right perspective of His Love.

The great attitude secret is that if you fear God correctly, you will fear nothing else. And if you do not fear God correctly, you will fear everything else. Put your faith in Christ today!