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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 10-12

Daniel has a final vision that is recorded in this book that bears his name.  This vision covers the final 3 chapters of the book.  The word is given to him (10:1), but there is a long explanation in chapter 10 of how the interpretation is revealed through prayer and angelic witness.  Many use Daniel 10 as a primer on spiritual warfare.  We should take note that God uses our prayers to manipulate the heavenly wars to move according to His will (Ephesians 6:12, 2 Kings 6:15-19).  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 9:20-27

The prophecy of the 70 weeks in this text is incredibly difficult to interpret and many explanations have been put forth.  In fact, an early church leader named Jerome detailed 9 such explanations as early as the fourth century A.D.   Time hasn’t changed much.  While this text is difficult, the rewards are rich for those who don’t get bogged down in running the numbers and instead see the saving theme of Jesus Christ within these verses.

Let me remind you that this is an apocalyptic text.  …

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The fact that God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men is one thing we have seen clearly and consistently throughout our study of the book of Daniel.  There is a common objection certain people seem to have when faced with the sovereignty of God.  They ask, “why should we pray if God already knows what is happening and what He will do next?”  What we see from our text today is that Daniel prays, and is in fact drawn to prayer, specifically because of God’s sovereignty.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 8

This chapter contains the second vision that Daniel records during the reign of the Babylonian king Belshazzar.  His first vision concerned 4 earthly kingdoms covering a large expanse of human history. This new vision concentrates upon several hundred years of specific history concerned with 2 of those earthly kingdoms… the Medo-Persian Empire, and Greece.  Daniel sees a ram with two horns, one larger than the other.  The archangel Gabriel interprets that this ram represents the Medes and Persians.  One horn is larger than the other because Persia becomes the dominant nation within the arrangement.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 7

This is the last chapter in Daniel that is written in Aramaic.  It is the last chapter written for both the exiled Jews and the many nations, tribes, and languages that were part of the Babylonian empire.  This chapter moves from narrative language (that simply tells a story) to apocalyptic language (descriptive language that is largely symbolic).  This means our interpretive grid must change.  When someone says that a storm is coming and the sky will become dark, we tend to take that literally.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 6

Many of us have heard the story of Daniel and the lions den since our early days in Sunday School.  It is a wonderful story of God, who is good to keep His promises, delivering those who trust in Him.  However, I would like us to perhaps see this story in a different light this week.  I want us to look for similarities between Daniel and Jesus.

1.  The conspirators could find no fault in Daniel (vs. 4).  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 5

It is important to remember that Daniel is not writing a complete history.  Daniel has chosen to skip ahead and detail the fall of Babylon immediately after the royal decree of Nebuchadnezzar in chapter 4.  He does this intentionally.  Daniel wants his readers to understand that it is indeed the Most High God who is over the kingdoms of men.  Even great nations like Babylon will eventually fall at God’s righteous time.

Chapter 5 opens about 25 years after the death of Nebuchadnezzar.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 4

This chapter is a royal document and decree from King Nebuchadnezzar to his entire Kingdom.  While some of the language is familiar to us from chapter 3, this document was actually written and published 20 to 30 years later.  King Nebuchadnezzar has had a very successful life.  He had conquered many nations and expanded his rule throughout the Middle East.  He also built the hanging gardens of Babylon, which became one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.  Like many others, his success went straight to his head.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 3


From the beginning of time, Satan has been trying to tell a counterfeit gospel.  What God says is good… Satan says is false (Gen. 2:1-5).  This culminated in God’s wrath when mankind tried to build a tower to themselves, rather than God (Gen. 11:1-9).  The site of Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol is the exact site of the Tower of Babel.  Once again, Satan influences man to think they are just as great as God.  However, God has strategically placed 3 Hebrew men to stand for Him amidst a pagan religion.  …

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OUTSIDERS | Daniel 2:1-49


Our narrative begins with a pagan king being troubled by a dream.  He calls for all his “experts” who were trained to handle the problems of signs and omens.  To be sure of their counsel, the king demands that they tell him his dream first, and then they are to interpret it.  Evidently the king had ruled long enough to see the inconsistency of his counselors.  They exclaimed, “There is not a man on earth who could do such a thing”…

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