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What God Says Is More Important Than What We Think

I’m not a Christian…Why should I visit Four Points?

Many view Christianity through a negative lens due to their experiences with professing Christians and religious television programming.  However, you may have rejected Jesus not based on who He really is, but on a misrepresentation of who you think He is.  Four Points is a great place for atheists and agnostics to gain a clear understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for humanity.  This way, if you still reject Jesus… at least it will be for the right reasons.

I’m a Christian…Why should I visit Four Points?

We are a church that takes the Bible seriously.  We open it, read it, and preach from it every Sunday. Our main pursuit in studying the Scriptures every week is to glorify Christ.  As we glorify Christ, two things always happen:

1) People who don’t know Him will want to know Him, and…

2) Christians will be built up in their faith and continue growing toward maturity and Christian service.  You can go many different places to hear messages concerning self-help techniques and get-rich schemes.  At Four Points everything we do is rooted and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What do I wear to Four Points?

We are a very diverse group of people.  Some like to dress up, and most like to come casual. Basically, come however you feel comfortable.

How long are your services?

Our services begin at 9am and 11am, with each service lasting about an hour and 15 minutes.

Do you have environments for my children?

Yes, we do.  We currently have ministries on Sunday morning during our 9am and 11am services for nursery, toddler, preschool and elementary age kids.  Basically, if your child is a 5th grader or younger, we have a class for them on Sunday morning while you enjoy our adult service.  Our student ministry (The Point) meets on Wednesday nights at 7 PM at the church.

Email admin@fourpointschurch.com if you have additional questions.